Recipe – Ants on a Log Variations

Add some creativity to your snacking to hold off those mid-morning or mid-afternoon hunger slumps. cucumber 659x519 Mix and match ingredients by choosing from each category or making up your own!

Base (Log) Options 

• Celery (approx. 3-4” long)
• Carrot stick (approx. 3-4” long)
• Cucumber (approx. 3-4” long)
• Banana
• Apple slice

Filling Options  

• Peanut butter
• Other nut butters such as almond, sunflower, cashew
• Low fat cream cheese or cottage cheese
• Hummus
• Dip
• Yogurt

Topping (Ants) Options  

• Raisins
• Dried cranberries or cherries (fire ants!)
• Nuts, such as pecans, almonds or pine nuts
• Sunflower seeds


1. Create a base with a flat top. Celery can be filled as is, but a carrot, cucumber or banana will need to be sliced in half lengthwise.
2. Spread the filling on the base.
3. Put toppings on the filling.


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