Neck Pain and How To Get Relief

Hours deep into our phones or tablets, only to later realize our necks and backs are aching. Sound familiar? Well, there's actually a name for it now. Dive into the world of "tech neck," a problem as modern as the smartphones in our pockets. 

Tech neck results from hunching over devices.

Usage of handheld devices spans all ages, causing potential health issues.

Ergonomics plays a role. It's not just about the neck but also lower back and thoracic spine.

Symptoms of Tech Neck

Neck strain

Stiff shouldersHead with headache aura

Combat Tech Neck: 5 Tips

Condition your body by strengthening and stretching your spine.

Maintain a balanced exercise and/or stretching program.

Keep devices at eye level or use stands.

Use talk-to-text features.

Consider prism glasses for a better view angle.

Help Prevent Tech Neck

Regularly disconnect and take care of your body to prevent tech neck.

Stay connected, but don't let tech take a toll on your health.

While our gadgets keep us connected, entertained and informed, they're also giving some of us a literal pain in the neck. Remember, a little awareness and some tweaks to our habits can go a long way. Let's not let "tech neck" become the norm. Stay safe and scroll smart!

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